Funding Strategies for Your Escape Room Business Supplies

Escape rooms, also known as mystery rooms, have become very famous in the world of fun and entertainment that is always growing. People have to solve puzzles and find hints within a certain amount of time to “escape” from a themed room in these immersive experiences. If you want to open your mystery room or escape room business, one important thing you need to do is get the money you need to buy the tools you’ll need. Let us walk you through the different ways you can get money for your business in this article.

Understanding the Costs

To get the money you need to start a mystery room or escape room business, you should first know how much it costs to start up and run the business. The main costs are building and designing themed rooms, buying games and props, electronics, advertising, renting the space, and running the business. To figure out how much money you’ll need, you’ll need a thorough business plan with accurate cost estimates.


Bootstrapping is a good choice for business owners who want to keep control and ownership of their company. When you bootstrap a business, you use your savings or the money the business makes to pay for its growth. This method needs careful money management and might limit the size of your first operations, but it lets you stay completely independent and not need outside donors.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

In the past few years, crowdfunding has become a popular way for business owners to get money. You can show off your mystery room or escape room business idea to a lot of people on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo and ask them to donate money in return for rewards. Making an interesting campaign with eye-catching images, a thorough explanation of your business idea, and tempting prizes can help you get backers who love immersive experiences as much as you do.

Small Business Loans

A tried-and-true way to get money is through traditional banking like small business loans. Talk to banks, credit unions, or online lenders in your area to find out about loan choices that are good for small businesses. Your chances of getting a loan will go up if you have a well-written business plan that shows how your secret room business could make money and last. Get ready to show security and proof that you can pay back the loan.

Grants from the government

Many government agencies give grants to small companies, especially those in the tourism and entertainment industries. Check to see if your mystery room or escape room business can get funding from the local, state, and federal governments. There may be a lot of people applying for grants, but if you meet the requirements, they can give you a big cash boost without making you pay them back.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are wealthy people who put their own money into new businesses and startups in exchange for a share of ownership. Your mystery room business could take off if you can find partners who are interested in the entertainment business and having fun. Make a strong business plan and an interesting pitch to draw possible angel investors.

Venture Capital

Venture capital (VC) can give big money to business owners with big growth plans. For equity, venture capital firms put money into startups with a lot of promise. Venture capitalists are usually interested in tech startups, but the uniqueness and ability to grow a mystery room or escape room business may make it appealing to venture capitalists seeking out unusual and high-growth possibilities.

Franchise Opportunities

You might want to look into franchise possibilities in the escape room or mystery room business. Some well-known names let you become a franchisee. If you do, they’ll give you a tried-and-true business plan, training, and ongoing support. Even though there may be costs upfront, franchising can be a quick way to get into a market and build on the name of a well-known brand.

Strategic Partnerships

Work together with other companies or groups whose ideas fit well with your secret room idea. By making strategic partnerships, you can get both financial help and more tools. For instance, working with a tech company could make your rooms more electric, and working with local companies could give you chances to promote each other’s products.


To get money for the items you need for your mystery room or escape room business, you need to plan, do research, and be ready. Each choice has its pros and cons. You can choose to fund your business yourself, use crowdfunding, get loans, apply for government handouts, find investors, or think about franchising. You can make your idea come true and give your customers an exciting and profitable immersive experience by using more than one source of funding and being flexible in how you do things.

To create your Mystery Room business plan, check out my template here.

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